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Kundli Analysis

Tripurari Astro offers comprehensive Kundli/Horoscope analysis, delving into various aspects of life such as Education, Health, Family, Wealth, Marriage, Children, and unforeseen events. Our skilled astrologers use precise calculations to interpret the positions of planets and their impact on different life domains. By providing insightful guidance, we empower individuals to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and maximize opportunities in every facet of their lives. Tripurari Astro is committed to offering detailed kundli analyses for holistic life guidance.

Muhurat and Match Making

Tripurari Astro specializes in providing accurate Muhurat (auspicious timings) for various events such as Office/Shop/Business opening, sale purchase of land, vehicle or any valuable assets etc and Match-Making services (Kundli Milan/Guna Milan). With a team of experienced astrologers, We analyze planetary positions to offer precise recommendations for auspicious moments and compatibility assessments for marriages. Our commitment to Astrology and personalized consultations sets us apart in guiding individuals towards favorable life events.


Tripurari Astro excels in recommending personalized Gemstones (Precious and semi precious with proper Pran Pratishtha, mantra jaap and Puja),. Rudraksh (beads and Mala 1face to 14 faces, Ganesh, Gaurishankar, Garbh Gauri etc), crystals, and yantras/kavach based on individual astrological charts. Our expert astrologers carefully analyze planetary influences to suggest suitable gemstones for enhancing specific aspects of life. Rudraksh, crystals, and yantras are also chosen to bring balance and positive energy. With a focus on astrological precision, Tripurari Astro aims to guide clients in harnessing the benefits of these metaphysical tools for overall well-being and success.

Vaastu Shastra

Tripurari Astro excels in Vaastu Shastra for both residential and commercial spaces. Our expert consultants use Crystals, Pyramids, Helix, and strategic color combinations to rectify Vaastu imbalances and enhance positive energy flow. Additionally, we recommend indoor and outdoor plants to further promote harmony. By providing tailored remedies, Tripurari Astro aims to create energetically balanced environments, ensuring that homes and businesses are aligned with positive cosmic forces, fostering prosperity and well-being.

Aura and Chakra Balancing

Tripurari Astro stands out in the realm of holistic well-being by offering expertise in aura scanning, aura healing, and chakra balancing. Our skilled practitioners employ various methods, including meditation and energy work, to bring harmony in the energetic fields. Notably, we specialize in removing malevolent and destructive energies, providing remedies to dispel negativity. Through these comprehensive services, Tripurari Astro aims to bring mental peace and spiritual equilibrium, fostering a positive and protective aura for individuals seeking holistic balance in their lives.

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