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Astrology is a science to heal wounds given by time or to prevent or reduce the effect of planet's motion on our life.Everyone can take the benefit of it as old sages were do to get fruitful result. This is the only way to get redemption from our sins.

Indian Vedic Astrology paves the way from darkness to light without paying any sacrifice.Because it motivates to do good karma to build balance in life and spreads the positivity.

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Problems are understood by the astrology of the Vedas from the six parts of the Vedas! What are the advantages of any yoga? What is the harm from which flaw? How to strengthen the good? How to reduce the effect of yoga? The idea of ​​all these are possible from horoscope on the basis of the planets of birth!


Vastu Shastra

Building Nirvana is called Vaastu! Just as the human body is made up of five elements, in the same way, to remember the balance of these five elements, Vaastu! Building construction is said to be very virtuous in the scriptures!


Gemstones & Rudraksha

Vedic astrology has been shown to be the special significance of gemstones! By holding the highest gem in the given method! The rule is that if the planets are beneficial and they are unable to give results for some reason then they can take advantage of holding the gems of that planet!



Rituals are said to be done according to the scriptural rule. The vedic work linked to the release of a particular special can be called rituals! In a ritual, chanting is a series of chants, worship, yajna, charity etc. Whose absolute rule can be followed by peace or any special task of any defect!



Medical Astrology helps to diagnose diseases. The causes of illhealth can be known well before its actual appearance in the human body through vedic astrology horoscope.It is also possible to predict death through Medical astrology.it is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body.



There are several methods of analyzing the horoscope in the contemporary psychological astrology: the horoscope can be analysed through the archetypes within astrology or the analyses can be rooted in the psychological need and motivational theories.

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